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The Final Product

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Prototype A Curriculum for Social Workers

The biggest question we want to solve is how to bridge the gap between the deaf and hearing communities through language acquisition of sign language and spoken language. The problem that currently exists in the world is that hearing parents often hold a stigma of deafness and they are more

Broca's Babies Put Pen to Paper

For our paper prototype we have decided to write an outline of how we would propose this to congress to see the avenues we would need to take to get our curriculum passed and in schools.

The New Bilinguals - Our Paper Prototype

1.Quick RecapOur question: How can we cure bilingual patients with expressive aphasia?Final Solution: We are shifting towards creating an educational application that will allow users to relearn the language without having to regularly go visit a physician/therapist.The educational application at this point will focus on Romance

Synaptax: Our Prototype

As we discussed last week, we’ve narrowed down our area of interest to using language as a method for detecting signs of Primary Progressive Aphasia (PPA) before it becomes problematic. After speaking to Dr. Murray Grossman, a researcher at Penn Medicine, we learned that PPA provides early clues of

MiKE comes up with a plan...

The Big Question: How can we affordably integrate knowledge of emotions and context into technology to provide a more comprehensive translating experience? Our solution involves developing an alternate approach to that of current AI algorithms by including more “human” information into the training data. This way, the algorithm is more