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Bilingualism Gang: Our Poster Draft

As the end of the semester draws near, we look forward to receiving your feedback once more. We can't wait to read what you all think of our poster draft!

Helping Children Find Their Voices

Below is the draft of our poster presentation that details our plan to help children with Pragmatic Language Disorder find their voice among their peers. We would appreciate any and all feedback!

Phonetics Fanatics: Tower of Babble Poster

Here is the draft of our project poster! We're looking forward to hearing your feedback on it!

A Short Tune

View our poster draft in the link below!

First Stages of Modeling

Figure 1a: Main page of mobile app where parent can view current likelihood for the child to have a language disorder, disable/enable the receiver, or view history of percentage predictionsFigure 1b: Second page of mobile app where parent can set the difficulty of the vocabulary the infant is exposed

Tackling the monkey first...

Our question:How can we improve the peer interactions for children with pragmatic language disorder to increase self esteem, reduce difficulties in social settings, and prevent further issues relating to behavior and learning?Our solution:Create and offer a network of social camps held throughout the year and country for

Playing with Our Paper Prototype

Our initial question was how can we make online learning better for all parties: teachers, students, and parents? We know that right now times are difficult and stressful. We want to come up with a platform that makes online learning easier for everyone. Our solution before the feedback was to