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Changing the Tune

Our original question: how do we make online learning more digestible through the musical lens? Our feedback said that we should aim higher. After digesting the feedback, we completely agreed. Some feedback said that the idea would only really work for younger grades and may not be applicable for the

Meet the Psych Squad!

Alexander Auchus is a Senior from Jackson, Mississippi majoring in Psychology. He is interested in neurology, developmental disorders, and medicine generally. Alex hopes to attend medical school the future. Alex decided to take LING 104 because he has never taken a linguistic course before but has recently become interested in

Meet The Dream Team

Meet the Signing Dream Team! Amy: Hi! My name is Amy (she/her) and I’m a sophomore in the College from Silver Spring, Maryland who is (likely!) majoring in Visual Studies. I am minoring in American Sign Language/Deaf Studies and am very interested in ASL, Deaf culture, and

Bilingualism Gang: Meet the Team

Nikhil AvadhaniNikhil is a junior in the College from New Jersey, where he is located this semester. He is studying neuroscience and linguistics, and is particularly interested in bilingualism and language acquisition.Sarah LeeSarah was born and raised in Seoul South Korea. That’s also where she’s currently located

Glia Club: Final Poster

Our Final Poster