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A Short Tune

View our poster draft in the link below!

Our Paper Prototype

Our final solution was to create a program that would be mandated for medical field personnel who would come into contact with deaf children and hearing parents (physicians, nurses, social workers, audiologists etc.), in order to introduce them to the Deaf community, to Deaf culture, and the importance of early

Phonetics Fanatics: Expert Edition

1) Original Question and SolutionFor our original question, we asked, “How can specific language impairment (SLI) be detected and prevented before young children begin showing signs of the disorder through their speech?”Before consulting the experts on this issue, our solution looked like this:Create a device that selectively records

(Audio) Feedback

Our initial question was how can we make online learning better for all parties: teachers, students, and parents? We know that right now times are difficult and stressful. We want to come up with a platform that makes online learning easier for everyone. Our solution before the feedback was to

Bilingualism Gang: Your Feedback

In the two weeks since our last blogpost, we’ve been actively engaged in thinking more about our ideas and what they would entail. After getting our peers’ feedback, we wanted to update you guys on where we stand right now! But first, to recap, our current working ideas:Prosody-preserving

Correcting Our Pitch

Our initial solutions:Solution 1 Zoom seems like the only platform most teachers use now for online learning. We want to create a completely new platform that combines good aspects of Zoom and other features that make online learning more like the physical classroom. Nowadays, you have to switch between

The PopSigner's Possible Solutions

Our Original Pitched Question:Zoom decides who is speaking only based on auditory input, so for the Deaf community, this is impossible to use because everyone’s mic is off. Our question originally asked whether we could create a virtual meeting platform that takes in visual cues when assigning the