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Glia Club: Final Poster

Our Final Poster

Broca's Babies Put Pen to Paper

For our paper prototype we have decided to write an outline of how we would propose this to congress to see the avenues we would need to take to get our curriculum passed and in schools.

A# Introducing our P2P Virtual Music Treatment App

What are we working on?Our team is working on developing a personalized music application for patients with dementia or Autism (ASD). In our vision, each patient will have songs suggested to them according to the personal information inputted in the application. Our ultimate goal is that the songs generated

NeuroNotes: Prototyping Our Solution

After consideration of the experts' feedback, we created a revised solution for our moonshot. With this revised solution, we then created a prototype(multiple prototypes for the different components) and the details of this work can be found below.Our Question: ‌‌How can we tackle Specific Language Impairment (SLI) among

Reading Crates for Dyslexia

Foundry Phase I: Developing Reading CratesIn this week’s moonshot, we present our finalized question and solution: The Question: How can we treat dyslexia using a multisensory teaching approach within the home? Most of dyslexia treatment is integrated into education (school), but we propose to bring treatment into the home.