Synaptax is a team of three LING 104 students at the University of Pennsylvania.

Our Members:

Sara Albert

Sara is a sophomore from NYC. Though she hasn't officially declared her major yet, she is leaning towards Cognitive Science.

Daniel Like

Daniel is a sophomore from New Jersey majoring in computer science. 

Matthew Goldsmith:

Matthew Goldsmith is a junior in computer engineering from Potomac, Maryland. He is interested in syntax, semantics and phonetics in terms of linguistics and computers and running otherwise.

Our Interests:

As a group, we are interested in the evolution of language, syntax and semantics. We are passionate about understanding why we the use the structures in language that we use, why we prescribe meaning to words in the ways that we do, and how these structures and meanings have evolved in languages. Through our project we would like to potentially help children who struggle with learning language, and we believe that learning the evolution of properties of language will help us with that goal.