Our final solution was to create a program that would be mandated for medical field personnel who would come into contact with deaf children and hearing parents (physicians, nurses, social workers, audiologists etc.), in order to introduce them to the Deaf community, to Deaf culture, and the importance of early access to sign language. We will make sure that our program is accessible virtually; ensure that the curriculum of the program is personalized so the participants feel connected to the material and that the significance, relevance, and importance of the topic sinks in; and builds off of and research already existing similar programs, like the Deaf Strong program in Rochester.


The paper prototype we will make will be a curriculum that encapsulates a cultural competency class that will be mandated for medical professionals of all kinds. This will include an extensive list of interactive videos, instruction materials, and live seminars with members of the Deaf community and professionals in the field. This course will teach medical professionals about Deaf culture, the Deaf community, and the importance of early access to sign language.