Who we are!

Meet Ellis (el-lease), a super senior studying Cognitive Science with a concentration in Computation and Cognition. She is from South Jersey and has interests in technology and computational aspects of linguistics.

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Hullo, I'm Mikaal, a sober sophomore studying in the College, potentially majoring in Cognitive Science but probably not Computation and Cognition because Computer science. I am from Lahore and have interests in the bilingual and technology, computer learning aspects of linguistics.

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You wouldn't notice her right away but Kristal is this super shy Junior on exchange from Singapore, majoring in Psychology and Communications. You would think she's interested in Bilingualism, but she's actually more interested in the intersection between language and technology, especially how technology changes our spoken/written language and communication patterns.

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What we want to do!

In general, we all have broad interests in technology such as how it can interact with/model the brain, or how it can have an effect on individuals' brains. Together, we are interested in how technology can be used to bridge language barriers. What if translating could be done in real time, or what if everyone in the world could understand each other without learning a new language?