Steph Walsh: Hi! I’m Steph, and I  am a junior in engineering studying computer science. I’m from Stamford, CT. I am interested in learning about language acquisition in children and how different disorders can affect development.

Jason Yan: Hi, I’m Jason and I’m a freshman in engineering looking to study computer science. I’m from NJ and I enjoy chess, tennis, and running. I don’t know much at all about language and the brain but I’m excited to learn more about it.

Sophie Weich: Hello! My name is Sophie, and I am a junior in the College studying psychology with a minor in Spanish, and I am originally from Washington, DC. I am hoping to work in the field of environmental psychology post-college, and I am fascinated by how language shapes our interpretations of the world. Outside of school, I enjoy reading and playing ultimate frisbee!

Shared Interests: We are all interested in how words are learned both in children and computers, specifically how to improve word learning in elementary school children. Schools currently use strategies to teach reading that have been proven to be ineffective. It would be great to identify new ways of teaching reading that helps kids learn to be fluent readers. We look forward to researching more about the field and finding solutions to any problems we discover.