Name: Alison Comite

Hometown: New York City

Class Year: Sophomore

Major: Undecided

Primary Areas of Interest: I love learning about how humans use data and interact with technology in their daily lives. This is important now more than ever because we are primarily using technology to connect with one another in the midst of a global pandemic. Our relationship with technology continues to grow and change as we navigate the “new normal.” Music is also an important part of self care and a crucial destressor. I am excited to figure out how we can use music to help solve a problem that we are all facing right now.

Name: Simone Fortin

Hometown: Rye, NY

Class Year: Sophomore

Major: Psychology (w/ Stats minor)

Primary Areas of Interest: My brother is on the Autism Spectrum. Because of this, I love to learn how his brain differs from mine. He learns and processes language in a completely different way than me sometimes. It is interesting to see how our brain not only differs physically, but chemically as well. We both love music, and I want to see how our group can use music as a learning tool!

Name: Savannah Sparks

Hometown: Franklin, Tennessee

Class Year: Sophomore

Major: Linguistic and Sociology (focus in Law and Societies)

Primary Areas of Interest:I am very interested in how we as humans process and retain information differently when there is a melody or pattern.I love seeing how memory works and how it can be manipulated. I specifically am interested in music as it aids and relates to learning.

Shared Passions: As a team, we are excited with the ways that humans utilize music to function. We are all better at memorizing lyrics than other aspects of our lives. We wish to explore what it is about our brains that help us understand music and lyrics in the way that we do. We want to use music as a tool to help us process language. #moonshot