Alexander Auchus is a Senior from Jackson, Mississippi majoring in Psychology. He is interested in neurology, developmental disorders, and medicine generally. Alex hopes to attend medical school the future. Alex decided to take LING 104 because he has never taken a linguistic course before but has recently become interested in linguistics due to the linguistic-centered content that shows up on his TikTok feed. A fun fact about Alex is that he was born in Singapore. When he and his family moved back to the U.S., he was asked by a teacher to write his name, and he asked in reply, "in English or in Mandarin?"

Bridget Yu is a junior from Los Angeles, CA majoring in Psychology. She is interested in psychiatric disorders and writing about mental health. Bridget plans to attend medical school and specialize in psychiatry. Outside of class, she’s a Daily Pennsylvanian opinion columnist, sexual violence educator, peer counselor, alumni ambassador and supervisor, peer advisor, clinical research assistant, tutor, etc. Her cousin has Down syndrome (our moonshot idea), so she is interested in learning about the disease’s connections to language and mental health. A fun fact about herself is that she can lick her elbow — which is supposed to be humanly impossible! She also plans to apply for the Bachelor sometime soon.

Parvati Ragoobeer is a Junior from Queens, New York majoring in Psychology and Africana studies. She is interested in racial justice and immigration reform advocacy.

 She hopes to focus on addressing mental health issues in low-income communities of color and hopes that learning about psychopathology in her undergraduate career would help with that. Parvati took LING 104 because she has not taken a linguistics class before and was interested to see the intersections between linguistics and psychology. A fun fact about Parvati is that she has taken Spanish for about 4 years, and someday she would love to be fluent in it as well!

Lizzie Atlasman is a junior from Princeton, New Jersey who’s majoring in BBB. She is interested in neuroscience, psychology, and marine biology. After college, she aspires to attend medical school. A fun fact about Lizzie is that she is an only child and Greek American. Since high school, Lizzie has volunteered with Special Olympics and so she has interacted with many individuals with Down syndrome. She hopes to work as a physician within The Down Syndrome Program at Boston Children’s Hospital!

Shared interests: We are all interested in developmental disorders and the role they play in language disorder acquisition. We are specifically interested in improving expressive language abilities in people with Down Syndrome. Most children with Down syndrome have a delayed development of spoken language skills compared to their non-verbal mental abilities. We hope to work toward finding ways to improve the delayed development of spoken language acquisition in people with Down Syndrome!