Michael Hackett

Michael is a senior from New Jersey studying Cognitive Science and Computer Science. He’s interested in the evolving field of the intersection of neuroscience and technology and is an avid fan of iced coffee.

Maxwell Roling

Max is a Senior studying Systems Engineering + Computer Science. He is taking this class because he’s interested in learning more about the brain and how it can adapt to injury and structural changes, as well as how it is analogous to neural networks in computer science and deep learning. In his free time, Max enjoys going on long bike rides and making coffee.

Nicolas Tola

Nicolas is a senior from Florida, studying statistics and finance. He is interested in neuroscience and enjoys learning about the complex functions of the brain and how they connect to its structure. Nicolas enjoys weightlifting and fencing.

Isabella Vura

Isabella is a senior from New York City studying Cognitive Neuroscience and enjoys learning about mental health and psychological disorders in the brain. She also loves playing volleyball, hiking and video games.

Shared Passions

As a group, we come from different academic backgrounds but all like solving hard problems. A problem that’s emerging right now is many adults are looking to expand their language abilities to be bilingual, as the limits of your language limit your world. For our moonshot project, we would like to be able to help these people grow into multilingual individuals despite a lack of existing neuroplasticity in adults. Additionally, we may also use our proposed solution to help individuals who suffer from various types of aphasia or strokes in order to regrow language activity.