LING 104

Mooonshot 1st post

Meet the New Bilinguals Team!

Julia Johansson- From Miami, FL, is a freshman in the College and is still undecided with a primary area of interest in why language can be lost when individuals experience trauma.

Elly Yeom- From South Korea, is a junior studying english and psychology with a primary area of interest in infant language acquisition.

Yurie Yamaguchi- From Japan, is a junior studying sociology with a primary area of interest in bilingualism.

Our team name is "The New Bilinguals" since we are all bilingual and we are all new to Penn (Freshmen/Exchange).

Shared Passions

Our team shares interests in language acquisition at a young age and why it becomes more difficult to acquire second languages as you get older. We are most passionate about learning how a trauma to the brain can cause someone to lose or forget a language from one day to the next, especially when they have been speaking it for their entire lives. Our interests overlap in wanting to help people suffering from aphasia in an alternative way. Currently the only “cure” is to seek speech therapy or have help from a translator, but out group wants to find a more biological cure or prevention for aphasia.