HEY. Welcome to The Glia Club. We are focusing on brain plasticity, imaging, and disorders.

We will start by introducing our senior, Dominique Martinez. Hailing from the wonderful city of Tampa, FL, she loves to skateboard (with a helmet) #sk8rgirl. She is majoring in BBB & is primarily interested in how environments affect child brain development.

Next, we have our junior, Stephanie Reheuser. She comes from the quaint town of Haymarket, VA and enjoys running (mostly because she enjoys eating). She is majoring in Cognitive Science and is interested in addiction and brain disorders.

Last, but certainly not least, our freshman, Ella Cho. She treks all the way from Los Angeles, CA and loves Pokemon Go (challenge her, I dare you). She plans to major in BBB and is interested in the basis of decision making.

In case you couldn't tell, we are all foodies and will take any and all recommendations for your favorite place to eat.