Meet our team!!

Darlene Hodge Rodriguez is.... a senior at Penn studying the Biological Basis of Behavior with minors in Linguistics and French. She is from Queens, New York, heavily enjoys a good concert, jam session or anything involving instruments and sound vibrations. In relation to language and the brain, Darlene loves bilingualism, acquisition and their intersections with social cognition and awareness. How does language affect the way you see the world?

Shu Lin is.... a sophomore at Penn studying Cognitive Science with a concentration in Linguistics and also a minor in Chinese. She is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, loves to listen to a wide variety of music in languages she may not know, and loves to play the guitar and dance. In relation to language and the brain, Shu is interested in bilingualism and child language acquisition.

Joya Aumueller is... a junior/exchange student at Penn studying Business Management. She is from Germany/Switzerland but studies at King's College London. She loves playing the Piano, Guitar, singing in the shower and dancing when nobody is watching. In relation to language and the brain, as a bilingual, Joya is interested in how we acquire and balance two languages, and its interplay with music.

As a collective, our team is passionate about how music may affect the acquisition of language. How can listening to music help someone learn another language and where is music limited in furthering language acquisition? We are interested in looking at improving bilingual education through the use of music.