Our paper prototype is a blueprint of our potential pacemaker. Because we are looking into a less invasive type of pacemaker, we imagine the pacemaker to be the size of a coin. We imagine that the location of the pacemaker will depend on the patient, and will need to be decided upon by relevant neurosurgeons, although generally speaking we would predict it to be somewhere in the temporal lobes.

Brain Pacemaker Prototype

Our blueprint takes ideas from the “WAND” - the Wireless Artifact-Free Neuromodulation - a new Neurostimulator developed by engineers at UC Berkeley. In order to move forward with our pacemaker we would want to ideally talk to the main leads behind the “pacemaker from the brain”, including Andy Zhhou, Samantha R Santacruez, Benjamin C. Johnson.

For more information on their product, check out:

Wireless ‘pacemaker for the brain’ could be new standard treatment for neurological disorders