Our Moonshot question is: how can we effectively narrow the vocabulary gap between low and high SES preschool-aged children to lessen long term effects. The final solution we have decided to pursue is a summer program aimed at preschool aged children 3-4 years old. This program will focus on providing these children with one-on-one time with either an older student or an adult, so that they get more experience with engaging conversations than they may get at home. This program will be externally funded in order to make it free to parents, and will offer high school students volunteer hours as an initiative to get them to work as trained volunteers. The program will include both structured and unstructured activities in order to make it both beneficial and fun for the kids involved.

Because our solution is more conceptual, our paper prototype is a diagram explaining different aspects of the program. We included details about outreach and ways to make the program bigger as our focus is making the program more accessible. Everything is described in the infographic below.