Hi this is the "A Sharp, Not A Flat" team. As you can see from the name of our team, we are focused on connecting music with brain plasticity in order to solve wide spread social issues.

Meet and Greet our A# Teammates:

Giny Jang

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
Year: 2021
School: College of Arts and Sciences
Major: Economics and Cognitive Science, minor in French
Interests: Just as you can see from our team's general interest, music is a great part of my life. At Penn, I play the keyboard for the Korean rock band, Kapacity, and during my free time, I enjoy visiting jazz bars (obviously it's the jazz part I'm into :p). Because music affects my behavior and thinking, I am more or less interested in how it affects others as well.

Gabriella Rabito

Hometown: Long Island, New York
Year: 2023
School: College of Arts and Sciences
Major: Political Science (American Politics) and Biological Basis of Behavior
Interests: As a musician myself, I am quite interested in music’s influence, both biological and psychological, in our daily lifestyles and in patients who suffer from brain disorders. Outside the scope of our moonshot, I am interested in American legislation, specifically in healthcare and the criminal justice system. For fun, I love singing to indie/alternative/broadway music, and playing the violin, guitar and ukulele!

Our Common Interests

  1. Music app or program that personalizes sounds/wavelengths that affect the part of the brain connected to hormonal secretion
  2. Curing mental illness with music (e.g. Personalized music to help depressed patients)
  3. Music’s influence before and after a traumatic brain injury, affecting movement and cognition
  4. Dive into musical therapy