Meet the Team!

Anchita Batra: Hey everyone! I'm a sophomore in the College studying Cognitive Science and Economics. I'm from Rehoboth Beach, DE and interested in learning about brain disorders.

Natalia Parjane: Hi! I'm a senior in the College, majoring in Cognitive Science, with a Cognitive Neuroscience Concentration. I'm from Kingsley, PA near Scranton (have you heard of the Office?). I'm interested in neurodegenerative diseases and psychiatric disorders; right now I'm researching language impairments in some neurodegenerative disorders!

Jonathan Scotto: Hello! I'm a sophomore in the College studying Cognitive Science and Communications. I'm currently interested in Brand Association and relationship dynamics between consumers and brands. Outside of the business realm, I'm interested in neurological disorders' ties to mental health problems, and how those issues are affecting our society as a whole.

Shared Passions: We are all very interested in brain disorders, including psychological, neurodegenerative, and language disorders. We are primarily interested in looking at dyslexia in children. We are passionate about determining what it is, how its tested, and how brain imaging can help in detecting it sooner in children. Some people don't find out they have dyslexia until later on in life. It would be great if dyslexia could be detected reliably in infants!