Question: How can we use science and brain imaging technology to treat dyslexia at a young age?

Is the question big enough? We found that ~10% of the American population is dyslexic, and only 5% of those people are aware.

Celebration of failures: Our first idea was to use brain imaging to pre-diagnose acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM).  Although this would be important and impactful to solve, we rejected this idea because the ADEM population is quite small.
Our second idea was to aim at additional treatments to multiple sclerosis (MS). We rejected this because there are already extensive methods of treating it at multiple levels (behavioral and biological). Additionally, there are currently many people aiming at finding a cure to MS.

Pitch Summary: 10% of the American population has dyslexia, yet only 5% of them are aware of it. Our team aims to find a solution to treating dyslexia early on in life through early detection from brain imaging.