Nikhil Avadhani

Nikhil is a junior in the College from New Jersey, where he is located this semester. He is studying neuroscience and linguistics, and is particularly interested in bilingualism and language acquisition.

Sarah Lee

Sarah was born and raised in Seoul South Korea. That’s also where she’s currently located this semester. She is a senior in the College studying PPE, with a concentration in distributive justice. She is primarily interested in bilingualism and sociolinguistics.

Jackie Martinez

Jackie is originally from Dallas, Texas but now currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee. She is a junior in the College studying psychology and Hispanic studies/Spanish. She is primarily interested in abnormal psychology and bilingualism.


As a group, we’re all very interested in bilingualism and its impact in how people live their lives. As multilinguals ourselves, we've encountered firsthand both the diverse perspectives different languages can bring with them, but also the barriers that different languages can raise between people. We’re interested in helping people who speak different languages better communicate and understand each other.


From PPE to psychology to linguistics, all three of us come from diverse academic backgrounds. However, we all understand the importance of language, communication, and comprehending how these work are to improving both people's lives and the societies we live in. By minimizing barriers to cross-cultural communication, we hope to bring about increased acceptance and unity among people across the world.

Thanks for reading our blog post. Be sure to stay tuned for more updates on our project!