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The Rolling Tongue

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Darlene, Shu, and Joya - Passionate musicians and bilinguals (at least).

The Final Product

Launching in 3, 2, 1...

Our paper prototype is a blueprint of our potential pacemaker. Because we are looking into a less invasive type of pacemaker, we imagine the pacemaker to be the size of a coin. We imagine that the location of the pacemaker will depend on the patient, and will need to be

Meeting the legends...

A brief reminder of our two solutions that we put forward to our experts:1. Using a specific music frequency to target specific “bilingual” neurons2. Brain type pacemaker: Physically rebooting that areaThis is the feedback we received from various experts (Roy Hamilton):1) “While it may be true that neurons

A review of our demo...

A brief reminder of our two solutions that we put forward: 1. Using a specific music frequency to target specific “bilingual” neurons:We know that neurons have preferred activation directions and frequencies. Using this, we would have headphones with a specific frequency to help recover L1s by targeting the neurons

Rocking on indefinitely...

Our original pitch was targeting bilingual aphasia. How is it different from monolingual aphasia? How does it differ in treatment? We originally had ideas concerning linguistic differences, the different levels of severity of bilingual aphasia, and how the timing of language acquisition would influence bilingual aphasia. Feedback from our classmates

Rocky Road for Bilingual Aphasic Patients...

Huge problem: There’s not much information on how losing one or multiple languages affects bilingual brains as well as little research on language recovery for bilingual aphasic patientsWhat is bilingual aphasia? Is it common?Definition of Aphasia: Aphasia describes a multitude of acquired language impairment resulting from brain injury,

Are You Ready to Rock N' Roll?

Meet our team!! Darlene Hodge Rodriguez is.... a senior at Penn studying the Biological Basis of Behavior with minors in Linguistics and French. She is from Queens, New York, heavily enjoys a good concert, jam session or anything involving instruments and sound vibrations. In relation to language and the brain,