The New Bilinguals

The New Bilinguals

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The New Bilinguals-Our Final Poster

Thank you to all of our classmates for the helpful and thoughtful feedback!

The New Bilinguals - Our Paper Prototype

1.Quick RecapOur question: How can we cure bilingual patients with expressive aphasia?Final Solution: We are shifting towards creating an educational application that will allow users to relearn the language without having to regularly go visit a physician/therapist.The educational application at this point will focus on Romance

The New Bilinguals-Feedback from Experts

Quick Recap:Moonshot Topic: How can we cure expressive aphasia among bilingual people?Current Idea: We have decided to narrow it down to a new type of therapy that stimulates the brain through visual, written, auditory and spoken ways. We are trying to create an educational application that would allow

The New Bilinguals - Next Steps in Curing Bilingual Aphasia

The New Bilinguals have read all of your feedback for our two solutions, thank you to everyone who gave us some thoughtful comments!Solution #1: Biological cure directly approaching the brain The first solution we found realistic is a combination of (2) and (3). By detecting where the lost language

The New Bilinguals - Our New Approach

The New Bilinguals - Our big moonshot question was to find an alternative cure for bilingual aphasia other than speech therapy.Summary of the Feedbacks: From last week’s presentation, we received some thoughtful feedback from our classmates. While there were a lot of support, we also received critical observation

Bilingualism and Aphasia

Our Huge Question:How can we solve aphasia among bilingual/multilingual speakers? The current solution is speech therapy, but research has proved that only 14-33% of aphasia patients are cured with this solution. Currently, it is said that over 2million people suffer from aphasia, and this number is only in

Meet the New Bilinguals!

LING 104Mooonshot 1st post Meet the New Bilinguals Team!Julia Johansson- From Miami, FL, is a freshman in the College and is still undecided with a primary area of interest in why language can be lost when individuals experience trauma.Elly Yeom- From South Korea, is a junior studying english