The Plastics

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Plastic Refinery

Where We Came FromAfter our previous blog post, we received some detailed feedback from our peers, and we are so grateful for the guidance they've provided us as we bring our ideas from the 'idea mine' into our 'idea refinery'.where we came fromIdea OneOur first idea was playing foreign

Plastic Surgery

The Plastics are researching the feasibility of reintroducing neuroplasticity into the adult brain to allow for rapid multilingual development. After presenting this idea to the class, we received positive feedback, as most of our classmates agreed that the project was moonshot material. Below, we outline some potential solutions to this

Meet the Plastics

Michael HackettMichael is a senior from New Jersey studying Cognitive Science and Computer Science. He’s interested in the evolving field of the intersection of neuroscience and technology and is an avid fan of iced coffee.Maxwell RolingMax is a Senior studying Systems Engineering + Computer Science. He is taking this