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Some Words with the Experts

Moonshot question: how can we effectively narrow the vocabulary gap between low and high SES preschool-aged children to lessen long term effects.We were thinking about two different solutions. The first is an afterschool program that would help encourage conversation through one on one tutoring with adults. Our other idea

Revising Solutions: The Words

Copy Pasted Solution from last time:Conversational turns or the back and forth between children and adults are essential to learning vocabulary and the rhythm of  conversations. Studies found that a lack of conversational turns between children and parents of low SES have contributed to the 30 million word gap.

Let's learn words! w/ the Words

We originally pitched the question how can we effectively narrow the vocabulary gap between low and high SES children? We received mostly positive feedback and people thought our project was moonshot material. The people who thought our project was a yellow light wanted to know more about the long term

The Words: Blog Post 1

After a bit of deliberation, we agreed that the 30 million word gap was an interesting topic that we'd like to try and tackle (thanks Professor Schuler for the idea!). Now a bit of background on what the 30 million word gap is...Source:

Now a Word About "The Words"

Steph Walsh: Hi! I’m Steph, and I  am a junior in engineering studying computer science. I’m from Stamford, CT. I am interested in learning about language acquisition in children and how different disorders can affect development.Jason Yan: Hi, I’m Jason and I’m a freshman in