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Psych Squad: Is AI the Solution? Feedback

Solution 1:Build a wearable device that translates the child with Down Syndrome’s thoughts into a machine that says what they are thinking.This could increase the communication between a child with Down syndrome and their immediate environment. How the device is going to translate the child’s thoughts

Psych Squad: Is AI the solution? (Week 5: Moonshot 2)

For our first draft of our moonshot, we decided to focus on the language skill deficits common in individuals with Down Syndrome. After some research, we found that individuals with Down Syndrome often receive less speech input from their environments which results in delayed language learning. We also found that

Meet the Psych Squad!

Alexander Auchus is a Senior from Jackson, Mississippi majoring in Psychology. He is interested in neurology, developmental disorders, and medicine generally. Alex hopes to attend medical school the future. Alex decided to take LING 104 because he has never taken a linguistic course before but has recently become interested in