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Revising our possible solutions

Create mandatory Deaf cultural competency/awareness training for social workers (specifically those assigned to children who are born deaf or become deaf before age five), physicians, and audiologists. Social workers are assigned to every deaf child, but not all social workers are trained in Deaf culture literacy and often approach

The PopSigner's Possible Solutions

Our Original Pitched Question:Zoom decides who is speaking only based on auditory input, so for the Deaf community, this is impossible to use because everyone’s mic is off. Our question originally asked whether we could create a virtual meeting platform that takes in visual cues when assigning the

Meet The Dream Team

Meet the Signing Dream Team! Amy: Hi! My name is Amy (she/her) and I’m a sophomore in the College from Silver Spring, Maryland who is (likely!) majoring in Visual Studies. I am minoring in American Sign Language/Deaf Studies and am very interested in ASL, Deaf culture, and