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Music and acquisition/learning

NeuroNotes: Prototyping Our Solution

After consideration of the experts' feedback, we created a revised solution for our moonshot. With this revised solution, we then created a prototype(multiple prototypes for the different components) and the details of this work can be found below.Our Question: ‌‌How can we tackle Specific Language Impairment (SLI) among

NeuroNotes: New progress after talking to the experts

A quick recap on our last postour big question: How can we tackle Specific Language Impairment (SLI) among young individuals (infants, toddlers) using a musical approach?Previous solution: 1. (Control group and SLI patients) Language tasks to understand what linguistics behavior they have trouble with, and which part of the

NeuroNotes: From Detection to Solution - a more comprehensive solution with both experimental and computational aspects

Below is a reminder of our two previously proposed solutions: Music class with NIRS - participation & listening based (singing & instruments)Why:It is financially-wise, considering that our budget is limited and we want to test on large enough samples to get enough data for our computational modelIt doesn’

Neuro Notes: Where we are HEADED now

‌‌A quick refresher: We are trying to find a new solution for language acquisition disorders in young individuals using a musical approach. We propose using machine learning to find the areas of the brain affected by language disorders and using different aspects of music to help target those areas.Our

Elucidating the Connection Between Music and Language to Ameliorate Language Disorders

Huge Question: How can we tackle language acquisition disorders among young individuals(infants, toddlers) with a musical approach?Current Challenges in the field:Unsolved in this field: Streamlined, effective treatment of language acquisition disorders (via a music related approach); new alternative to traditional speech therapyObstacles faced trying to solve this

Introducing the Neuro-Notes

Who We Are Our team members include Mary Webb, Flora Lepeska-True, and Lucy Yuan. Mary is a junior studying BBB from Yardley, PA(about 45 minutes outside Philadelphia). She is interested in addiction research, pediatric neurology, and language acquisition. Flora is from Boston, MA and is a junior at Bryn