Dis Order and Dat Order

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They Wanted Dat, We Kept Dis

Peer Reviewing is an incredibly valuable aspect of creating any type of project or solving any problem. Constructive criticism is important for getting input from someone who has a different perspective than you. The feedback from our peers has allowed us to gain insights about how to strengthen the solution

Turning Feedback into Solutions Regarding Childhood Relationships

We received a significant amount of feedback regarding possible solutions to improve social lives of children with pragmatic language disorder. Others provided us with feedback describing that they wanted to know what is currently being done about pragmatic communication disorder, and we are looking into it. Some of our feedback

Pragmatics... and what happens when they fall short

Difficulty engaging in social situations.Lowered self esteem.Behavioral issues.Inability to make and maintain friendships.Pragmatic Communication Disorder has no shortage of detrimental effects on the children who suffer from it.However, it seems that majority of the focus in assisting children affected by this disorder is primarily in

Meet Our Team!

Dis-Order and Dat OrderChristina DiCindio is a senior majoring in Neuroscience with a minor in Cognitive Science and a concentration in Language and Mind. She is from Princeton, New Jersey and is primarily interested in the way that the brain produces language. With plans to become a Speech Language Pathologist,