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Bilingualism Gang: Your Feedback

In the two weeks since our last blogpost, we’ve been actively engaged in thinking more about our ideas and what they would entail. After getting our peers’ feedback, we wanted to update you guys on where we stand right now! But first, to recap, our current working ideas:Prosody-preserving

Bilingualism Gang: Problems & Solutions

After brainstorming on problems in the world related to our shared interest in bilingualism, we decided we wanted to improve communication among people coming from different backgrounds this led us to our original question: How can we tackle the limited effectiveness of many current translations?Your FeedbackWe pitched this problem

Bilingualism Gang: Meet the Team

Nikhil AvadhaniNikhil is a junior in the College from New Jersey, where he is located this semester. He is studying neuroscience and linguistics, and is particularly interested in bilingualism and language acquisition.Sarah LeeSarah was born and raised in Seoul South Korea. That’s also where she’s currently located