(A) (S)econd (L)anguage

(A) (S)econd (L)anguage

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Prototype A Curriculum for Social Workers

The biggest question we want to solve is how to bridge the gap between the deaf and hearing communities through language acquisition of sign language and spoken language. The problem that currently exists in the world is that hearing parents often hold a stigma of deafness and they are more

Expert's Feedback

Our previous solutions proposed the following:Develop a cheaper cochlear implantMedically stimulate sections of the brain to help children/people to better learn ASL or spoken language.We chose these two solutions because 1) developing a cheaper cochlear implant can better facilitate families who normally cannot afford a cochlear implant

(A)(S)econd (L)anguage - Narrow down the search

In our Moonshot pitch, we introduced Bi-modal Bilingualism, and our Moonshot aims to bridge the gap between the deaf and hearing community globally. After reading all the comments, we categorized them into two main suggestions: the first one is to arrow down either to one specific community or to one

Acquisition of Bimodal Bilingualism

In the United States, there is a large community of people who suffer from deafness and hearing loss. Among those people, most are not functionally deaf, so they possess the potential to become Bimodal Bilingual. We have found that deaf signers, hearing signers and non-signers show activation in different regions

(A) (S)econd (L)anguage

Hi, I am Effie, a junior studying Digital Media Design. I am from Shanghai, China. I am new to the subject area of Linguistics, and I am excited to learn new things about Sign Language and Bilingualism. Hi, I am Hanwen, a junior studying in Biology. I am from Taiwan.