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We are trying to connect brain plasticity and music to solve social issues.

Our Final Poster

A# Introducing our P2P Virtual Music Treatment App

What are we working on?Our team is working on developing a personalized music application for patients with dementia or Autism (ASD). In our vision, each patient will have songs suggested to them according to the personal information inputted in the application. Our ultimate goal is that the songs generated

A# Advice from the expert and the possible changes

Our question is: How can we use music to improve language/speech ability and general condition of patients with autism and dementia (both diseases that impair language)? We came up with two solutions: 1) Develop algorithms that personalize songs for dementia patients to alleviate symptoms. 2) Enroll students with autism

Moonshot 3

“Yes, ands…” ResponsesSolution #1: Develop algorithms that personalize songs for patients with dementia to alleviate symptoms“Maybe pair this with a more biological treatment in patients can reap the benefits of both”We understand the importance of biological solutions and believe that biological approaches are critical as primary treatments of

Diving deeper into music and language

Quick Recap: Last week, we presented our preliminary research of three different conditions - Parkinson’s, neurodegeneration, and eating disorders - and their relationship to music therapy. At the time, we were unsure about the best path to take, so we prompted suggestions from the class on which one would

Discovering Connections Between Mental Disorders and Music Therapy

This week, we tried to explore potential mental disorders we can target. Followings are a quick introduction of the diseases and their respective connection to music!Parkinson’s Disease: Musical therapy entails engaging a patient in the creation and expression of music, according to the American Music Therapy Association. It

Introducing the "A #" Team

Hi this is the "A Sharp, Not A Flat" team. As you can see from the name of our team, we are focused on connecting music with brain plasticity in order to solve wide spread social issues. Meet and Greet our A# Teammates:Giny JangHometown: Seoul, South KoreaYear: 2021 School: