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Acquisition Ladies: Poster Draft

Below you can find a link to our Moonshot poster draft! Feel free to take a look and leave any comments or suggestions. Appreciate it!

Building Language Academy

Our group has been setting out on creating a moonshot idea about how we can develop an effective and accessible therapy solution for children with Autism Spectrum disorder who are affected by deficits in the acquisition of prosody. Failure to recognize prosodic cues can lead to problems for the children

No Expert, No Problem!

Our group set out to address the problem of delayed and/or deficient acquisition of prosody in children with ASD. Children with ASD often have difficulty with prosodic cues, which can lead to miscommunication and other potential problems, such as social difficulties. There are many types of therapies for children

Prosodic Solutions For ASD: A Reflection

Solution #1:Interactive AI program that teaches young children prosody - responds to the child’s responses directly and would be designed as a game that children would enjoy. This could combine music, dance, articulation therapy. There could be different levels that children can go up to based on progress.

Did Somebody Say Pros-eed?

As the group of language Acquisition Ladies, our moonshot question focused on how we could improve the current therapeutic methods to improve prosody in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in order to make it more effective and accessible to all. This was to enhance language acquisition, especially the spoken part,

Meet the Acquisition Ladies!

Silvani AminWhere I’m From: Philadelphia, PAClass Year: JuniorMajor: Biology, Molecular Biology ConcentrationAreas of Interest: Language Acquisition, Bilingualism, Language and Music, Semantics, and SociolinguisticsEbony GoldmanWhere I’m From: Brooklyn, New York but I’m currently located in Philadelphia, PAClass Year: SeniorMajor: Linguistics and Cognitive ScienceAreas of Interest: First Language Acquisition,