Welcome to Language and the Brain, an online publication by students at the University of Pennsylvania.

Our goal

Our goal is to give students at Penn an opportunity to create meaningful work that makes a lasting contribution. We hope this publication helps others learn about language and the brain: what’s known, what's just been discovered, and what questions are still unanswered.

Our writers

Articles are written by undergrads taking Language and the Brain and grad students and advanced undergrads taking Neurolinguistics.

Our topics

News & Views

The News & Views section contains research analyses of recent papers in language and the brain, inspired by research analyses in Nature's News & Views. News & Views articles are written by our Neurolinguistics students.


In the Moonshot section, follow along with our Language and the Brain students as they work in teams and attempt to find a solution to a huge problem or big, unanswered question in the field.