Hi, I am Effie, a junior studying Digital Media Design. I am from Shanghai, China. I am new to the subject area of Linguistics, and I am excited to learn new things about Sign Language and Bilingualism.

Hi, I am Hanwen, a junior studying in Biology. I am from Taiwan. I took a neuroscience course before and was interested in how the brain contributes to our ability in language. I am especially interested in Bilingualism because I am bilingual myself.

Hi, I'm Jon, a sophomore studying Communication. I am from North Jersey. I don't know anything about neuroscience or the brain so I thought it'd be a fun course to get some background knowledge in my major. I am also bilingual which fuels my interested as well.

The subject area we are interested in is how Sign Language relates to language acquisition. We would like to help children who are in the deaf community.