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STOP! In the name of l'amour: Language Control and Differential Aphasia

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to lose language? To not be able to express it or understand it? Well, for people suffering from aphasia, this tends

The Blowfish Effect in Word Learning

Weird category members narrow category definitions in novel word learning situations

Different bilingual experiences yield different neural recruitment in cognitive demands

When investigators treat bilingualism as a dimensional, non-unitary construct, fMRIs demonstrate that differences in the duration and extent of bilingual experience effect the recruitment of different neural regions for distinct cognitive processes.

Inner Dialogue: Your Brain on Conversational Inner Speech

What does it sound like when you think? We all experience different types of private speech-like thoughts on a given day depending on what we’re thinking about. Many researchers

Broca's Babies Wrap up With Final Poster

Glia Club: Final Poster

Our Final Poster

Broca's Babies Put Pen to Paper

For our paper prototype we have decided to write an outline of how we would propose this to congress to see the avenues we would need to take to get our curriculum passed and in schools.